Now That's Heavy!

by Kamal Imani

The Tradition of the Dogon Tribe in Mali Africa states that.
They were visited thousands of years ago by the Nommos...
Extraterrestial beings that taught them about the star constellation Orion 
and the stars sirius A & B.
Now That's Heavy!

Now Why is this even important to you?

Because the Dogon believe that Sirius B 
is where your soul goes after you die.
Now aren't you concerned with your after life?
Or are you only concerned with the master's life?
The preacher or the pastor's wife?
See the Dogon's new the rotation of these stars.
Without a telescope or satellite.
Now That's Heavy!

It took the European until recently to see 
what these so-called savages could always see.

Now That's Heavy!

One teaspoon of Sirius B is so dense that it weighes 5 tons.


The earth weighs six sextillion tons while it revolves around the sun!
Now That's heavy!
How heavy?
Heavier than Shirley from What's Happenin, Rubin from American Idol,
Big Pun and Re-Run. Heavier than those chicks from 2 tons of fun!
Now That's Heavy!
I don't mean to make light of this, but for what it's worth.
Sirius is only 8.6 light years from earth.
The blackman war vibratin on a high frequency, 
traveling on motherplanes with extraterrestial beings
calculating the rotation of constellations
having conferences with interplanetary organizations
We were seeing to it that the universe was balanced
Now we're slinging crack
Doing Step In Fetch it rap
and black on black violence
Now That's Heavy!
Glorifying techs, ghettos and projects trappin our lovers with sex,
breaking egyptian, toranic, biblical and koranic laws
fighting the enemies wars on someone elses shores
while on politics economics and education we are mute
heavier than the land that your sittin in was once inhabited by indians
now that's heavy.

See in africa we got diamond mines and no diamonds
in america we got diamonds and no diamond minds.

Now That's Heavy!

Now That's Heavy! by Kamal Imani

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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