I Know My Faults Now

by Kahlil Khan

(For Black Women World Wide From Idiots Like Myself)

I know my faults now
I also know that I have many
I ask you please black woman to forgive me
for the hard times and bullshit I put you through
for the many times Iíve turned my back on you
for the times my actions 
made your life unbearably rough 
when life was already hard enough
not to mention for not being man enough
to protect  your honor for certain 
dishonor has fallen upon this person
for all the cursing, fighting and fussing 
arguing when we should have been discussing
through all the bloodshed, pain and tears
this society caused you
I made it no better because I was rarely there for you
I was too blind to see 
I should have eased your pain
Instead I added to your misery
I really do regret  all the times I didnít help you
when you needed my hand
I ask you to forgive me for not being a real man
I was angry at the world
But took my frustrations out on you
Forgetting that without you Iím nothing because
ďA nation can rise no higher than its women.Ē

I Know My Faults Now by Kahlil Khan

© Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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