by Jusluv

I donít know whatís been wrong with me these days
I get up in the morning and I feel a mess.
Maybe Iím just
Tired of waiting on you to love me the way Iím supposed to be loved
Tired of hoping that the things I dream will come to pass
Tired of thinking that I will ever win your heart.

I rub my eyes and stretch, feel the knots in my muscles as the tension increases
How in the world after 10 hours of sleep could I still be so
Tired of loving completely and not getting that kind of love in return
Tired of accepting half when I deserve it all
Tired of accepting the blame for all that goes wrong with us

Standing under the hot spray of the shower I close my eyes and wonder
How I got to be so
Tired of those who flock for whatís between my legs instead of what is in my heart
Tired of the ones who are not smart enough to know the difference
Tired of denying that you are no better than them

Drying off in the mirror It comes to me like a gust of wind, the revelation 
And I smile 
Because I donít have to be 
Tired of being in love with a selfish and uncaring person
Tired of entertaining lies and deceit
Tired of hanging on to a rope that Is frayed

I can simply choose to 
And leave being tired
To you~

Tired by Jusluv

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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