Matters of Insecurity

by Jhahbriel C. E. Moore Sr.

Every desire that transcends from
my imagination frees me from the
everyday reality of my insecurities.

The lack of or the misguided direction
of love that were unveiled 
to me during my childhood, crept away
in the night as I lay consciously awake.

Often times I felt the ghost of love or what
was portrayed as love draining my innocence, 
taking my youth, stripping me of any foundations
of security and leaving me to deal with indiscretions 
not formalized into society’s laws. 

Many times I felt trapped in figments of my imagination
Torn apart from common sense and thrown into a world
Of molestation, painful penetrations of people thought to
Be my security only to be false representations.

Growing into life suppressed my insecurities and elevated
my sensitive side to not hide, and ride the interpretations of 
love from my desired counter parts, still a sense of matters of the 

I can not pretend my insecurities are at mend but challenge myself
to the end. Tolerable of control, impatience and solitude to protect 
what is dear to me. For it is inevitable to taunt life with trials and 
tribulations. Grow from them and allow strength to be my purity.  
My center is just what it is, a matter of insecurities.

Matters of Insecurity by Jhahbriel C. E. Moore Sr.

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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