What About Me

by Lakesha Jenkins

Stolen from my womb
Birthing emptiness, considered less than whole
Barren. Devoid. The void of the inability to sire a continuation of life. 
Wanton in the desire to mother...smothering the life out of me.
Lackluster the life that has denied me the right to become
Adored, admired, pampered with the glow given with internal growth that becomes baby
No baby, please don't say the words - your words hurt
I am a woman!
I am capable of being, doing, giving so much more 
What more can I do to make you put the bags down,
Don't go!
Please turn around!
Don't walk out the door
I thought we were more than the miscarriage 
that flushed out the remains of the unborn down my leg & onto the floor
Along with my fertility, my uterus, my ability to birth into existence, 
despite your persistence to jump up & down in my body
Angrily grinding,pounding, punishing me for my inability to mother
Your seed into this world
Wait a minute! 
Stop & listen!
Please, I'm in insisting...
See me.
That same girl you fell in love with
With so much love given
Vows that we promised to honor as long as we were living
Man & wife
For better or worse
But this sickness has robbed this marriage of its health
Separated in our wanting
You decide to find your fulfillment elsewhere
Fatherhood calls
My motherhood has passed away
All the tears cannot wash away
The guilt
The hurt 
The pain
How easily you turn away as if my suffering is a betrayal
Quieted in my surrender I watch you walk away
What about me?!

What About Me by Lakesha Jenkins

© Copyright 2013. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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