by Lakesha Jenkins

Underwhelmed with the world I live in
seems nobody tries to understand the next man's position
Just stubbornness & opposition
We're all re-positioning ourselves for judgement day all the while not believing we can be saved
Slaves to a system where standing still seems to mean the same thing as resisting
Deadly consequences
Is anybody paying attention?
Everybody busy talking but nobody dares to envision a world where we are in the power position
to that sole voice
the soul's voice
Crying out to us to rise up
Oh the convolution of the truth
Mindless media pollution
The authors of confusion & division
Is anybody brave enough to launch resistance?
Being played for fools....
Fooled into following rules designed to keep us oppressed
How Foolish!
So I raise my voice but no one listens....
I am drowned out by those who have eyes but cannot see
Won't see
I hang my head ashamed....
Thoroughly underwhelmed by the world I live in

Underwhelmed by Lakesha Jenkins

© Copyright 2016. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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