by Lakesha Jenkins

because they feared his strength
called him an animal because
they needed him to forget he was a KING
because they need him to forget
his internal power
GOD given gifts that his will
refused to allow them to devour
because they covet his women
mocha, chocolate and pecan brown
thighs made for child bearing
behinds beautifully round
because they needed a way 
to stop his empires growth
so they built liquor stores and projects 
in his community
and implanted drugs by plane and boatloads
because they watered down his education
and restricted his legitimate opportunities to advance
when he dared to demand civil rights
 in his face they laughed
and assassinated his character to the world
because they knew they could not
control him so instead they
plotted to decimate him
But his resistance only deepened their fear
now in his physical confinement
his mind becomes their greatest mistake
In their ignorance it was his divinity
they underestimate
until he started to rebuild his KINGdom
educated on his history of greatness
they watch in horror as his self esteem has risen
while this new beginning began to unfold
expression of mental freedom explodes
releasing a global chokehold
Politically empowered as black democracy is finally recognized
It was a day that all will remember
A day of masters true defeat
this nation built off the back of slavery
hit with an assault of heavenly mastery
As November 4th  became a day of racial unity
the 44th president has a face
and it looks just like mine
the first step on the long journey to rediscovery
a reclaiming of tribal identity
restoration to his TRUE position of GOD given 

Uncaged by Lakesha Jenkins

© Copyright 2008. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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