by Lakesha Jenkins

Angry whispers become violent words, hurled like a heavyweight's blows
Hurricane building
We've stopped pretending...the end's now ending
It's calm outside but inside the real storm is building
Body squirming in the tension that builds crescendos of virulent spews of hurt & accusation
I try to retreat but you give me no permission...to walk away....run away
Our love has past...away...I want to get away from you
Running, scrambling, cowardice, cowardly....what's happened to me?
Your words like a torrent are scalding me
I bob & weave but verbal blows rain down on me
Almost KO'd but I manage to stay on my feet
Eyes squinting trying to see through swollen lids 
Banged up, bruised, contused
The siren sounds loudly...almost too loud
I wait for the announcement to end this round
I sit down, drop down, break down, feeling down & out 
Then I wait - storm raging
Arms flailing, failing to make contact
Something pulls me back...
Finally it occurs
The bell tolls 
Released into the pregnant pause 
I examine the damage
Thankful for the break
Gives me the chance to compose the words...myself...some kind of defense
I take a stoic breath, chest heaving
Debris of our life together swirls around in tatters
Itís the end of our two worlds once conjoined, now separated
Colliding into different realities
I revel in the knowledge the old mes power is weakening - seems she took the brunt of the beating
Your smug smile can be seen from across the ring
So sure are you that I won't have strength to leave...and
Won't you be surprised? 
Looks are deceiving
The new me has emerged... 
She refuses to be anything less than victorious
The bell tolls again...She, I mean I, the new me comes out swinging

Swinging by Lakesha Jenkins

© Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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