Running Game

by Lakesha Jenkins-Applewhite

are these just words you say to try to get your way? 
or is it real? is it what you feel? 
when you think of me in the back of your mind 
Do you wish to turn back the hands of time 
To make me not mind the way we left things
Before the pain things
The sorry, things have changed things
I wonder if you've really changed a thing
Or are you still on the same thing?
Is there no escaping....
But I start to doubt if we can work it out
Or is it just too late?
Has deceit detroyed all traces of fate
So many years I've hated the mention of your name
Would rather gouge out my eyes than ever see your face
But then you call my name
Saying let's try to rekindle the flame
But Is it just a game? 
When you speak my name 
My heart does shiver
But then it starts to quiver
At the pain remembered
So many years ago 
my mind replays scenes
Filled with teenage angst, diminished dreams, love given freely
Burned by betrayals flaming sting
Thought it was the end of the world
And it was to that teenage girl
Who made you the center of her world
Only to find she was on borrowed time
Cause your love was a lie
A slick player's design
Weaved around not only heart but mind
Tears filling eyes
Thought my life had ended
I still picture it so clearly
Deep breath I try to take hoping somehow to clear the ache
Rising deep in my present day
Oh how I wish the past would stay away!
I pray for strength to cling to vows 
That I never should have made in the first place
Let's work it out you say
I'm begging you to stay
I swear to God I've change
But no matter how I hear you say
My inner me screams 

Running Game by Lakesha Jenkins-Applewhite

© Copyright 2012. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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