Dirty Needles

by Lakesha Jenkins-Applewhite

Dirty needles in the sink
torn and tattered spirit given up in defeat
eyes sunk into a once beautiful face
teeth collapsing into rot from the chaos of each new day
Schedule abandoned as using become more pressing
Press hounding constantly to record the downfall
Once a Diva of the highest magnitude 
Now another addict: watch her fall
Falling down the rabbit hole
but she ain't Alice and this world ain't make believe
Award winning artist to the dope man means less than nothing
Pushed and shoved in all directions
equillibrium is lost
Who can save this queen, when she refuses to save herself?
Point the finger, place the blame, hold your head in embarrassment 
Hide your life, feel the shame
Pass the blunt, fire it up
LIght a cigarette, fill my cup
With more poison, more deceit, more agony, more defeat
Glamour girl - ha
this ain't no high fashion
Shoot I don't need a career, dope is my new passion
Phony friends, surrounded by all these impostors
pointing and laughing headline reads - Beautiful girl or beautiful disaster?
Hair a mess, clothing dishevelled but told by hangers on
Girl, that sh*t don't matter
Hands held out taking advantage of the confusion
stuff my body will more pills, pain and pollutions
mind is cloudy, spirit rebels
longing for a another taste of heaven but trapped down below in hell
Attempt to make a comeback met with meager sales
Clarity brings too harsh a reality
Once musical icon now opening dubbed a 'crack queen'
A fiend but I'm a person
Hurt the repercussions 
a fall from grace 
a slow decline
friends abandon me
slowly dying
Death where is thy sting?
Open my mouth, can't seem to sing
the voice that brought my legacy; torn asunder too much time spent damaging
with the crack pipe filled to full capacity
internally destroying the very heart of me 
Once living the American Dream
dreams now nightmares
once found now lost
I gave it all 
now I pay the cost
At the funeral they all stand to honour me
but where were they when I was lost even to me
Now the camera is on and like true performers they perform
beautiful words that I cannot hear
They cry and moan and shout and sing
the picture has faded to black
I lost to my addiction now theres no going back
Sadness sorrow though seasons change for me theres no tomorrow
Dirty needles in the sink
torn and tattered spirit given up in defeat

Dirty Needles by Lakesha Jenkins-Applewhite

© Copyright 2012. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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