My Soul

by LaKesha Jenkins

My soul runs deep and free and wide like the ocean
playing on the horizon with the stars in the skies
I am only a fraction of the multitude of greatness
expanding the everything quicker than the Big Bang Theory--
theory of life,love, hate
Desires roaring out of control resounding louder
than the thunder on the stormiest night
appearing and disappearing like lightning
Spreading beauty and passion to every shore
at all distant destinations
Hesitating momentarily to warily contemplate the fat
of all those lesser things that once meant anything
Denying the fading past as though it were some bothersome lie
spreading like the insecurities of the disingenious guises
of those deceivers waiting patiently on the threshold
of the night to destroy all the light

My soul soars high about all the treetops
spread like building blocks on the plains of America
Riding the winds down into the ivory coasts of Africa
to it dying plains allowing me to freely follow the path of freedom
which hundreds of years earlier were lush and ripe
with the tears of captured slaves
Pain crashes through my wings as they're stung with the realness
of long ago things as white capturers attempted to possess/
silence those lovely Mahogany, Ebony, Caramel, Chocalate beings
completely diverse with the clothing, song, dance, spirituality...
trying to crush them into nothingness, steal the epitome of happiness
Succeeding only in separating the brothers and sisters of holiness;
failing to circumvent the most High's promise that Moses's people
should receive the gift of paradise and life everlasting
The pharoah of long ago, thought perished as the Red Sea
standing on high, parted to allow the path of freedom to be seen,
remains alive in rebirthed as though by Lucifer himself
I say to you, "Devils Let My People Go!"

My soul screams courageously to those deliverers of Inequity
that "We Shall Not Be Moved!"
For the truths concealed from me were revealed
in every one of my grandmother's touches, strokes, caresses,
the love of KINGS and QUEENS into the very fibers of my mind,
reducing the manipulations of the America the Beautiful history
into the burning cinders igniting the fires of bigotry's eyes--
eyes that my tongue lashes out at like claws,
raining down moisture to kill all the unrighteousness
hidden from WE who are still slaves
but don't believe what our conscience has to say AMERICA free me!

My soul sings melodiously like the choir of my mothers Baptist church
praises so loud surely heard for many miles all around 
Lifting the clouds higher in the stratosphere
revealing heaven's pearlie gates that bare themselves open to me
Me, one who is allowed in by God's grace and mercy,
for surely I am a sinner amongst sinners
unworthy of such an honor extended to the fewest of the few
To kneel at the feet of my savior who has died on the cross to deliver me...
me whom AMERICA says is dirty, lazy, shiftless, looking for a hand out
But where pray tell is the one thing that I seek from this country
built on the backs of stolen labor, culture, destiny
I who am yet one of the revolutionaries of tommorrow,
awaiting the sound of the trumpet that will deliver revelations
promised in that great book, THE greatest book every written
Providing the peace that passeth all understanding

My soul...

My Soul by LaKesha Jenkins

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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