Follow Me

by LaKesha Jenkins

Follow me down this chemically imbalanced road to the far
reaching realm within my mind
Witness the disastrous effects of a thinking muscle
turning in on itself at war with the thoughts
its ultimately responsible to control
Follow your guide to the eyes that easily mist over
as it looks out at the world it views as its enemy
with each person not close becoming an immediate adversary
Glide down the trail of tears to the center of heartache
forcing an uncaring organism to continue to feel;
this heart forcing my weary body to go on despite the wailing opposition
Observe a body resolved to gel over with fatty tissues cursing itself
evermore because starvation, regurjitation, self-mutilation and will power
alone  doesn't stomp out it gluttonous ways amidst emotionally trying times
Follow this lit hallway to the bathroom where the mirror hangs
nestled on the wall above the sink and study the face before you,
straining to recognize itself
The question of WHO ARE YOU!!!
being thrown out in loud screams penetrating my psyche
like darts into a dart board
Lift this hand of mine to feel the reality of my situation
Hearing the answer, the truth, bouncing off the silent apartment walls,
Follow me into my personal hell

Follow Me by LaKesha Jenkins

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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