Fade to Black

by Lakesha Jenkins

Police say "Move along folks"
The yellow tape creates a mirage of investigation, 
but how can the criminals police themselves?
White chalk outlines
Sirens wail
Handcuffs closing on the wrong wrists
People scream its a setup
Still the Cell doors slam
Fade to Black....
Voices raised in loud conversations
Hands wave signs in peaceful demonstrations 
The marching begins
Chanting but this ain't no we shall overcome moment
Shuffling feet
Cameras flashing
Reporters circle to catch today's headlines, pretending to care about the "news"
But true freedom fighters know that the revolution will NOT be televised
15 minutes come & gone
The clamor dies down, the corners a tomb
Another white chalk outline
A mother's cries
Fade to Black....
Cold hard ground
Cheap headstone
Who murdered whom? 
We all know
Police have no leads, no one will talk or perhaps no one will listen 
Suspicions die down but the suspicious keep watching & listening
More cries for justice
Nothing is done
Unsolved murder....the boys in blue hold the gun
Forgotten sons
Abandoned daughters
Fade to Black 
Repeated history
Black bodies still swinging long after that song
More cries for peace
In a nation full of war
Bodies stock piling in prisons & morgues
Praying won't save us
Stop waiting for White Jesus to come
Better rise up & fight back before there's no one left to fight for
Fade to Black 

Fade to Black by Lakesha Jenkins

© Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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