by Lakesha Jenkins

Got to get this poison out my system
This craving that never leaves me, this need that drives every bad decision, 
this desire to give to those unwilling to reciprocate
I have to find a cure for this sickness that ails me, 
makes all logic fail me, has me taking risks I cannot afford to take, 
robbing me of my sanity Ė making me loathe humanity, taking away all self control 
I have no control against its call...
I am a junkie of the worst kind
I love the feeling of it coursing through my veins, 
just a little taste of that sweet nectar that can only cause me so much pain
I chase it, beg for it, plead for it, offer up pieces of my soul for it, demand it
Damn it!
Canít stand to be without it
My hands seek it out and...I drink it thirstily never knowing how long itíll satisfy
The greedy monster that lurks & hides & forever thirsts, never quenched 
Desperately I try to mold it, into long term satisfaction 
But it never happens...
I am a junkie of the worst kind
I lie to myself just to sample it
I swear yíall donít know the half of it.
Telling myself just snap out of it! 
You can do without it! 
But who can do without it?
This drug, I am powerless to resist 
Maybe someone out there can resist
Yet I havenít found 12 steps that can cure my insatiable need 
Some call it greed but Iím not deceived...I am an addict...LOVE my disease

Disease by Lakesha Jenkins

© Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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