Things Have Changed

by Lakesha

I guess stupidity is bliss. 
Never trust a person who says they are willing to be 2nd best, 
on the outside looking in, the side piece, denied piece, 
can't find peace until your happy home is blissLESS. 
Pretending to be a friend but truly wolf in sheep's clothing. 
Looking in the window trying to steal your mate even when they are not widow--oh. 
Waiting on the moment they can catch you defenseLESS, 
no alibi even though you still deny the affair 
that led to your being homeLESS. 
Now you are in distess, begging baby give me 1 more chance, 
but you're all out of chances cause now they could careLESS 
because you were careLESS when you were out giving the miSTRESS your sex. 
Now the phone is ringing but no one answers, 
notes on the door says return to sender, 
no forwarding adDRESS, there is no redress cause you are now disMISSED. 
Hope it was worth can save all the regrets, 
it's nothing she forGETS, she gone, moved on, 
let bygones be bygones, she's smiling again - she got a new thang, 
isn't it strange how things have changed?

Things Have Changed by Lakesha

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