By Any Means Necessary

by Ivana Simone

By any means necessary we were brought to America.
Raped and seized of more than the rights to our bodies but to our humanity.
By any means necessary even if it meant lightening the load on the ship 
and sending the live cargo for a death ending dip into the Atlantic. 
By any means necessary we were taken from our land, relinquished of our God, 
and denied the right of that which we are… Human.
By any means necessary our black mind was cleaned out 
and filled with beliefs and priorities of our captors. 
And if there be one who chooses to try 
to save his fellow brother, mother, sister, or son 
bring him unto the white one. 
So he can see he’s not a man but a dog, 
in need of the whip cracked on that back to work correctly in the sun.
See by any means necessary we were made slaves.
Even if it meant tying every limb of our strongest men up to horses 
and watching his spirit leave his body viciously. 
                                 No strength.
Even if it meant making two classes of black 
the one that was committed to the house due to their shade, 
and the other that was black enough only to be a field nigger slave.
By any means necessary we were made the play doll 
for Ms. Susie and the entertainment of the night.  
Then when we produce the mulatto children 
they couldn’t even get their blood given birth rights. 
Because they were slaves.
Don’t get it twisted 
By any means necessary we fought for our freedom
And by any means necessary they sought to defeat us.
But when that day came that freedom did ring 
we were only free from shackles but not our mental chains. 
By any means necessary we fought to be a part of this land, 
took something out of nothing and did the best we can. 
But then the day comes when you brush elbows with the Klan, 
and now your accomplishments are dust in the wind.
By any means necessary we tried to be one people, 
yelled black power and served our own people.
Came together in greatness to be torn down by betrayal 
because house niggers will do anything for themselves to prevail. 
                  The single minded pursuit of money.
By any means necessary we are still here even though 
everything is created for us to kill over and die. 
We still rise with the sun and rejuvenate our minds.
By any means necessary they are striving to take us out, 
but I have decided to put my fist up and my hands down. 
           Delegation of authority to know who I am. 

By Any Means Necessary by Ivana Simone

© Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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