Lying in Sex

by Jay

I was pretty enough to lay with in secrecy
But not pretty enough to go out or be with me
Damn you cut me deep
With your knife of empty promises that you sharpened with your big dark lies

I walked gleefully down the path you cleared for us
Looking deeply into your eyes
Ran right into a wall with you on the other side
A wall built from unspoken words & actions unread 
Impossible for me to break it down or walk around
Since you won't let me get in your head

Ya see...
A scenario created by me because in reality we really never left the sheets
Our minds never connected, we never understood
Your mouth talked & I heard what I could
& when my turn came to speak it was jibberish
But we both could make our bodies talk
In body language we were rich 

Lying in Sex by Jay

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