The Climax

by Jay

It's not so much the feeling that heats in me
when you're inside of me
but ultimately,
the smiles that we create
on each other
that everyone can see
Starting from the center of our beings
exploiding through our veins
& climaxing on our faces
Emotionally I'm on mountain peaks,
physically reaching sexual peaks
& his words guide me many places
on forward when haters tried,
past where my confidence died,
beyond where my insecurities lied
& for that he's beautiful
I guide him inside my sticky & rainy world
where he stands
So firm & implanted in me
& pushes for what I want,
he understands
We become 1 and escape to paradise
momentarily as our bodies move in sync
as if instinct to please
as natural as the warming of the sun on a cool day
or on a warm day the cool breeze
as my knees began to shake
& my voice starts to quiver
I feel you start to twitch & shiver
We know we've reached another peak
together we cum & leave paradise
hoping to return soon but knowing
that emotionally we're still attached
I water you & tend to you
& watch this bloom into a beautiful flower latched
right onto my heart.
I love you.

The Climax by Jay

© Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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