Why I'm Angry

by Rodger L. Hilliard

I am a descendant of Queens and Kings
Heir to ancient thrones, master of many things

Tricked into slavery by some of my own
Forced from my Motherland...stripped from my home

Packed like sardines in the hull of your ships
Just another load of cargo obtained from one of your many
treacherous trips

Brought to the shores of this strange land
Stripped of my self and whipped by your hand
Treated like an animal and less than a woman or man

I nursed your children and worked in your fields
I wore your rags and used your scraps for my meals

I bore your children and wore the scars of your whip
Not a day passed I didn't long for a northern trip
You enslaved my body, but never my mind
I grew to love myself and despise your kind

So...why am I angry?
You ask yourself, why
I just know
It'll take a long, long, long time
for this anger to die

You didn't invent slavery...you just took it to another level

So don't be so upset when some call you...devil

Why I'm Angry by Rodger L. Hilliard

© Copyright 1997. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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