Take Yo' Ass Back Home

(All Played Out)

by Rodger L. Hilliard

Yo playa, I ain't tryin' to cause you no strife….
but you all played out and ain't suited for this life.
You need to take yo' ass back home….
spend some time wit your kids and your wife.
I'm single and free, but you runnin' harder than me….
you're headed for disaster….so tell me why can't you see….
home wit your family is where you oughta be.
Your son is on the corner sellin' junkies crack
and your baby girl's stomach is six months swollen…..
from too much laying on her back.

Yeah, you a playa and I understand a playa gotta do what a playa gotta do….
but last night when I was wit yo lady she was talkin' bout how you and her
were through.
Don't be upset wit me or feel like I stabbed you in the back ….
see I'm a playa too…..so I picked up on your slack.
I was takin' care of yours, while you was out there tryin' to Mack.
See I live by all the playa rules….I see a weakness….I attack!
If you wasn't so played out….you'd know what I speak  is true…
you'd understand fully…. …..what a playa gotta do.

Go on back home and get your house in order….
straighten out your son and be there for your daughter.
Be there when they need you….become a part of their life.
Be a steady partner for your lovely wife.

Listen close to what I'm sayin'. ….
step aside brother man…. let the REAL playaz do all the playin'.
Take yo' ass back home, before your kids are all grown.
Take yo' ass back home, before your lady's on her own……
Take yo' ass back home before it's too late to atone.
Take yo' ass back home….take yo' ass back home…………

Take Yo' Ass Back Home by Rodger L. Hilliard

© Copyright 1998. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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