My First Snowfall

(Blinded by The Light)

by Rodger L. Hilliard

I ain't gonna tell you no lies and I ain't gonna try and perpetrate….
I'm a tell ya the truth and I'm a give it to ya straight.
It was one of those bitter cold wintry days and the ill winds were blowing….
I looked out from my window and I saw that it was snowing.
I abandoned my shelter without hesitation…
little did I know, of my impending situation.
It was my first snowfall, so how was I to know…
where I came from… we never played out in the snow.
I was caught up in snow storm and blinded by the light.
I couldn't see ahead of me or know the consequences of my flight.

She had long blonde hair and eyes as blue as the sky,
she had the kind of beauty that made a brotha wanna cry.
When she walked through the club, ain't no way that you could miss her…
she was dressed to the nines and had an ass jus' like a Sista!

Honey was at home in the dark…and she stayed...waaaay down south.
You wouldn't believe all the freaky thangs…. she could do wit her mouth!

Yeah….she was nasty….ain't no doubt about it….
but I was snow blind….and couldn't live wit out it!
I got used to her nastiness and accustomed to that old puppy dog smell…
the devil had me…. and I was livin' in his hell!

Me and ol' girl kicked it for awhile, I grew to love her…. and her trifling
things were goin' pretty well….so we went and made a child.
She was my friend, lover and my partner for life…
it was her above all others….I chose to be my wife.

Things were going great….at least as far as I could see.
It was her and me and our baby made three…
together, we made it….the perfect…fam-i-ly.
Even to this very day….I find these words so hard for me to say….
somehow I just can't figure….
why the mother of my child….my darling wife…..would refer to me…… as NIGGER!

Three years have passed since that unfortunate event….many a sleepless night
in this cell I have spent….regretting my transgressions and trying to
Soon…. I will be set free from these prison walls that now bind me.
Though I'll always have my beautiful son….to constantly remind me,
I am no longer snow bound or blinded by the light,
I got myself together and now…… I'll be all right.
Cuz I'm heading home to the ebony tone….
searching for my new Miss Right from some of my own….
I got both my eyes open and I likes what I see….
from now on you can surely bet…..ALL my future dates……will look a lot…. like

My First Snowfall (Blinded by The Light) by Rodger L. Hilliard

© Copyright 1997. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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