A Crack Baby's Tale

by Rodger L. Hilliard

I was born three months premature,
addicted to crack and severely underweight,
I was given little chance at life
and some already sealed my fate.
My mom was a ho and the pipe was her pimp,
but still I felt all her love as I lay there,
so fragile, lifeless and limp.
Mom made me a promise on that very same day,
she would get her life together
and for me make a better way.
Mom kept her promise, not one time did she sway.
She got herself a job and studied way in to the night.
My mom was working hard to make sure things went right.
From GED all the way to college degree!
Mom had made a better life for her and especially for me.
With all the things mom had done,
there seemed to be one thing missing.
Then one night all sleepy eyed,
I stumbled on the two of them...all hugged up and kissing!
Even with all things mom had given me,
one thing always made me sad.
You see mom had never given me...someone to call my DAD.
That's where he came in,
he was my mentor, my confidante and most of all my friend.
When my teachers said I couldn't learn
and playmates laughed and teased some
even called me dumb, he nurtured my self confidence,
taught me to regroup, adapt and overcome,
dad guided me through many of life's hard lessons
and so much was learned from our many man to man sessions.
So here I stand, not quite yet a man,
full of hope and aspirations….. the world is mine….
There is no task to tall.
Hell, I finished high school one year early
and start Morehouse this coming fall.
As I prepare for my journey,
I think of the things I'll miss,
like mom's loving arms around me and dad's sternest (when needed),
these things and more I'll miss.
It may be hard to fathom,
but I'll even miss my lil' Sis!!
Cuz, she never fails to brighten up my life,
this beautiful brown product of a loving man and his wife.
So to everyone who never gave me a chance,
those who looked at my beginning and pre-determined my end,
those who laughed and ridiculed and never tried to be my friend.
To all the critics and skeptics with college degrees
who said I was unteachable and couldn't possibly achieve,
you all unanimously projected me to fail.
Said I'd either end up dead or in and out of jail.
So here I stand before you one and all,
no longer weak and frail,
just to tell you all out loud...
to K-I-S-S A Crack Baby's Tail!!!!

A Crack Baby's Tale by Rodger L. Hilliard

© Copyright 1997. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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