Innocent Eyes

by James Harris

I remember when I first saw you,
your face was full of laughter and cheer:
you had a smile that caught my fancy
and in my heart I held you dear. look at you really saddens me,
you've turned so icy cold!
Someone has taken your innocent eyes
and have now made them old.
Your laughter use to fill my heart
and your voice my ears loved to hear;
now your eyes only show sadness
and the trails of fallen tears.
Why did you have to go through this pain,
who could have seen or foretold;
that someone would take your most INNOCENT eyes
and NOW make them old?
You use to walk so lively
and would tease and play all of the day;
you were vibrant and full of laughter
and mean things, you just wouldn't say.
I always felt there was just one of you
and another could not be made from your mold;
NOW, that someone is lost forever
and your INNOCENT eyes have turned old.
Your clothes are now loose and shabby,
you don't try to look your best;
your steps are slow and aimless
and your thoughts are only of rest.
Your hurt goes beyond your body
and DEEP into your soul;
someone has taken your most INNOCENT eyes...
and have NOW made them old!! 

Innocent Eyes by James Harris

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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