Daddies Little Girl

by Larry Guidry

Youíre the daughter of a king so walk with pride,
Temper like your father but got your mother eyes,
Know to always keep your cool,
A lioness only roar when itís time to rule
Never let a man tell you youíre beautiful just because of your complexion
Black is beautiful even on the darker spectrum,
Be an independent woman never lean on a man,
because being independent will get you a good man,
Act lady like, actions speaks for itself
Do everything to the fullest, donít just do it for your health
Do it for your wealth in the bank of your mind,
If you ask God where he is at, just be patient, heís always on time,
The world want you to be a model but you be a trend setter,
Cat walk the creators design, let the universe marvel at Godís architecture,
Most importantly its whatís on the inside that make the outside matter,
Some people look good on the outside but on the inside they shattered,
Forever be a goddess set the bar a lot higher,
Divas going get on your nerves until you expire, Never let them see you sweet or perspire
Added fuel to your flame to be inspired 
and when you retire look back at them hefas to say you made it through fire
Youíre the daughter of a king, never let a playa define 
the thickness of your behind as fine because you walk on red carpet everywhere you go, 
Even when the sun donít shine people going feel your glow
Always know pops will be here to dry your tears, eliminate your fears, pops will always be near
Canít wait for your presence to present you back to the world,
Dedicated to my future princes, Daddies little girl 

Daddies Little Girl by Larry Guidry

© Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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