A Stroll With Death

by Larry Guidry

There I sat where Isaac felt gravity drop,
Looking up at Newton’s prop,
Full of spirits the wind did blow
Forest green grass the ground did show
Today is the day of a fool, only April would know
An unfamiliar face did too just stare
With bifocals that was the same color as his hair
“How did that blue get there”?
His voice was mellow and lay soft on my ears
He swayed and murmured while he stroked his beard
“Those clouds you see are close than far. I will tell you a
Secrete through a stroll in the park.”
Has he gone mad, Has he lost his wit!
I spoke and said, “I cannot partake in this fellowship”
“All is well with me”, he said in a gentle tone
He was skin and bone, what harm could he be?
Harmless as newton’s thump on the head from that apple tree,
But what private manner would this be?
Silent the stroll began, he looked at his tock,
Inhaled and asked me if I had a watch,
  5 o’ clock my good man
“My secret is a riddle no one can understand.
Can a man walk with death and live?”   
 Brash I looked in his petite blushed face and shouted,
 “No such thing can be achieved”!
Eyebrows wide and with a hush tone said, “Do you believe”? 
What blaspheme this man did speak? 
None the less he made me think,
Could it be true to meet death while living?
From behind the gray the Sun did peak, 
To which I lost my companion to whom I did speak,
A note lay where he stood, “Alas, my stroll through the park was grand,
“A deed with death you did my good man.”      

A Stroll With Death by Larry Guidry

© Copyright 2014. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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