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Phillip Ghee was born in Baltimore City Hospital and separated from his mother and placed in foster care at age 3. He did not see or hear from his mother (or any other family member ) until age 18. Lived in a total of 3 foster homes (not one extending more than 5 years) and one brief stay in State Orphanage. Attended 4 inner city elementary schools, one junior high and two senior high schools. All in Baltimore City.

He states, "because of shoddy attendance in high school, I barely made it out to graduate with my class. Had to attend night school and summer school the final year in order to graduate. There were no transitional programs when I exited foster care; it was on your own, one day you were in foster care and the next day youíre 18 and your not. End of story."

He enlisted in the Navy, served four years stateside and honorably discharged. Trained in service as a pharmacy technician. He received more awards and accolades in his various places of employment than he cares to mention. After six years of part time study finally achieved in AA degree in Liberal Studies. Went on to graduate from UCLA Attorney Assistant Program, worked two years as Paralegal. He says, "Too much hooey, turned out not to be the job for me."

Was National Transportation and Logistic Coordinator for an event that brought an estimated 600,000 attendees to the Nationís Mall for a two day celebration and testimonial event. One of the top ten attended events in the National Mallís modern history.

He shares, "Have traveled approximately 1/6 of the world, on my own, outside and away from my navy experience and by backpack. This includes an epic solo cross-country bicycle trip in this country and an American hitchhiking adventure matched by none. Many of these tales have now been documented, generating a cult following.

More recently, he says, "I am pretty much bi-coastal and all points in-between but, I generally call Los Angeles home. My essays, articles, social rants and innovated articles can be viewed and hopefully digested at various sites but, in a better more perfect world I would rather be known for my amateurish attempts at creative writing and science fiction."

You can contact Mr. Ghee via e-mail at or by sending an e-mail to TimBookTu and it will be forwarded.

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