Blood Stained Twenties

by Phillip Ghee

I got crack. I got smack. I gotta pocket full of twenties. 
I got dis corner and, my boyz, they got my back.
So let's be realistic, don't  need me no mystic. 
Got my glock for ballastics. 
I don't plan on becoming nobody F-in statistic.
So don't try to stop it. Yo! My pockets phat and,
your 9 to 5 can't  top it.
Don't need a bible either cause a stack of twenties, dat's my profit.

Excuse me. Yo!
yo,...wait a minute cuz. Don't come all up in here with your drug  store.
You go'on and play your side of town...for real,
cause dis here corner's  spoken for.
Whats you looking at fool; Maybe you crusin for a beat-down,
or maybe  you thinks you're just bad e-nuff to score?
Oh! now you gonna play me.
like your so phat and fine.
Gonna pimp walk right up to me and then flash me your nine.
cap cap cap
Oh! baby boy
you're quick.
you really done gone and hit it.
Caught me three times. Your bullets flew straight and sure nuff, bit it.
Can't  stand now, going down.
Damn there goes my reputation.
I didn't even get to squeeze off a round.
pop pop pop
What an awful sound.
Then I hears a loud  thud
as my head gone and hits the ground.
I feel the hot blood flow from my gut and down into my pockets.
Damn messing up my stack of twenties. Please! won't somebody stop it.
I see blue lights flashing and in the distance I hear an ambulance howl.
Now my twenties are really getting messed. I can't even hold my bowels.
Now here comes this cop.
He takes my glock. Ask ‘es me to snitch.
Yeah! I know who done it.
But that's my bizness,.. b*tch
Yours, is to make sure I get my twenties back on me;
once they stitch me up and release me from Emergency.
In my right pocket, I knows I got damn near four hundred
and in my left, my left, ...damn! my stomach.
Can't think right now, my  head is getting lite.
And I thinks I gonna to vomit.
Please Lord help me. I can change, get a job,
I am not really that lazy.
And please Lord tell me, why is everything starting to get so damn hazy?
Can't this ambulance move any faster, Jesus! 
I am not ready to be pushing up daisies.
Things are darker now, I can only hear voices
All about me, a lot of busyness.
I start to think about my losses.
Hell! I was supposed to have cleared six hundred tonight.
So's I could get right with all my sources.
What you say, hang some blood.
Whose blood is that, I don't want no HIV.
Don't they just need to take out the bullets, give me prescription,
just like they do on TV.
Damn! I m not really sure if all these doctors are really wid it.
EVERYTHING seems to be fading away.
I'm getting cold...colder.
I think I getting ready...getting ready...getting ready to quit it.
And quit he did.  So continues the toll. 
Another deceased young black male. Paid in Full. 
All his Thug and Dope life gone. 
Another will take his place, 
And another life to mourn. 
Forms are filled out as the they zip up the body bag and tag his property
Nothing on his person but, 
8 bags of smack, 5 rocks 
and a stack of blood stained twenties.                                 

                        His End. 

Blood Stained Twenties by Phillip Ghee

© Copyright 2008. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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