What You Could Have Been

by Shawn Fugett

What you couldíve been You couldíve been a philosopher Bu instead you wasted time You could have been a history teacher Instead you toot that line You should have been a role model To those that looked to you Instead you gave them crack And they almost blew it too Detect anger and bitterness its real This taste of disgust savored like a meal Do you ever think what you could have been Isolated in your world of imaginary supremacy Smoking and spending money on a puff of smoke One more hit from a heart attack One more chip from a stroke I think of what you could have been The dreams that faded away The promise lost, fractured family Let down over and over again You that about what you could have been Iíve heard you say before Man when I was younger You could have been Has been What you could have been

What You Could Have Been by Shawn Fugett

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