A Daughter Without Her Father

by Shawn Fugett

A daughter without her father A most peculiar thing She has no were to tie her heart strings She looks for love in all the wrong places She faces some of lifeís unimaginable disgraces For a girl with no father is only half done? She cannot blossom without the sun That shined its light upon her and nourished her soul The fathers laughter that helped her grow The stern discipline that would guide and show A girl with no father is so all alone No one to help her when the world beat her down In sorrow and madness she would inevitably drown You miss the mark if you left the girl You did not see the ribbons or her curls You missed her accomplishments and saddest times She missed you more through world she did climb A girl with no father to cover her To say you are beautiful, and make her smile Sheís a girl now a woman and no man does she trust She doesnít know him because she knew you not Now time marches on and she struggled and grew But its not your accomplishment donít take credit Because the world beat her down And you stood there and let it Donít judge her or criticize If she grew crooked or straight You werenít there now itís too late You were the father that walked away Now a father with no daughter is how youíll stay

A Daughter Without Her Father by Shawn Fugett

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