Mass Murderer

by Evangelist

Mass Murderer 
Serial Killer 
Taking out whole generations 
Trampling on the destiny of many 
Deadbeat dads & Missing moms 
Molestation & greed 
struggling with the enemy 
Stand up be free 
He’s taken your mind? 
Your self-esteem? 
All these can be redeemed 
There’s a plan for your life 
Mass Murderer 
By condition or circumstance 
serial killer 
my mind and motives 
my destiny 
Destruction and calamity 
My family 
Mired in a downward spiral 
we swinging on one another 
Mother, sister & brother 
Wayward lovers 
swallowed up 
chewed on and spit out 
by others 
Mass murderer 
serial Killer

Mass Murderer by Evangelist

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