Finally Free

by Shawn Fugett

Finally Free Not worried about you My identity is set in stone Anointed vessel used by God Walking in deliverance I知 free Fitfully and wonderfully made This life I could never trade I知 free Looking back I struggled so long Heart pounding Head aching Pulse racing Constantly anticipating your next made Hiding my money, jewelry I知 a wreck So stressed yet blessed? Incurable disease You hurt me I知 free Anger boiled in my veins Hard times in poverty I worked it all out Your cursing and hurtful words Self doubt You blanketed me in over and over again I protected you while I remained vulnerable I was plundered Kill, steal, and destroy My peace, hope, faith and joy Tears sting when the one you love makes you cry Eating bitterly from this plate of longing and pain Left my heart stained with ugly memories of being beaten down Spit upon and trampled on I知 free Tasty morsels of happiness crossed my lips And I licked my fingers Relishing the taste Ain稚 life great? I crack a smile & remember that it痴 not my fault Not my guilt to wear I知 sick and tired of being in 鍍his life Sick and tired of so much shame Sick and tired of being the blame So I kicked off the shackles of being less I知 not bitter only better So I'm writing this letter I致e had a long talk with me and Decided I知 free

Finally Free by Shawn Fugett

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