God Has Anointed Me Queen

by Shawn Fugett

Simple, plain Jane with nothing to share Seeking love, attention and someone to care Mixed up, messed up beyond repair God has anointed me Queen? I got nothing to give no reason to live Wait, wait, wait I hear my name This thing is so strange Not careful, planned or calculated steps I tripped, tripped, tripped fell flat on my face And laid there, now I知 dirtier than I was before You got to be tripping God has anointed me queen? I heard it somewhere chapter and verse His grace is sufficient And now my life turns, turns, turns, turns 360 degrees I知 not the same as I use to be God has anointed me queen My old existence can稚 be traced Now I own my heritage I知 so majestic, royally endowed And I知 saying this out loud God has anointed me QUEEN Then again I hear my name Reality check You are most adorned and regally dressed When not seeking to impress but, Bowing humbly on knees you rest God has anointed me Queen Don稚 try to get in where you don稚 fit in Just relax and let it go And then you値l know, and you値l know, you値l know, you will know That God has anointed you Queen

God Has Anointed Me Queen by Shawn Fugett

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