T. Forrest
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Wrote her first poem at the age of eleven when she discovered that writing was the ultimate therapeutic escape from the anxiety of preadolescence. Since then, she has mastered the craft of storytelling and woven many a tapestry of picturesque words. A jack of many trades, she has dabbled in many industries, but she has always returned to writing, her first love. Her work has appeared in several journals, anthologies, magazines, and online publications. Tasting of Trees is the first of many collections of poetry works to be published from this aspiring author. With several new projects on the horizon to include a first release of an upcoming book series, T. Forrest is sure to maintain a captive audience via the heart and passion that are poured into each literary work for years to come. A California native, T. Forrest now resides in the Phoenix, Arizona area with her family.

You can contact T. Forrest via e-mail at artechokehrtz@gmail.com or by sending an e-mail to TimBookTu and it will be forwarded.

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Cotton Field Dreams
Male Man
Swang Time

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