The War Within

by Ande' Ardnassac' Sir'rah

Iíve been battling with myself
  Trying to win with the war within
But its been a long and trying road 
  Iíve been sad many of days 
Feeling useless feeling like there were no ways
Tired of being worried and confused
  Just tired of being refused 
All because I canít talk a certain way
  Or I canít do what someone else can
Forget everyone else, Iím not trying to be like 
  No one except self
Trying to live up to everyone elseís expectations
  Trying to please this person and that one
All while trying to ease my headaches 
  Iím young, ďYesĒ, but my heart and body still aches
Because a lot has been going thru my mind
  Love from family and men have had me blinded 
But never again, Iíve learned to regain from the past 
  And be strong once more
Iíve been troubled trying to do whatís right
  Always helping most, but in otherís sight
That wasnít good enough
  So their love wasnít real and that made me real, tough
I pray to the Lord both night and day 
  Praying that heíll take all my grief away
That is the battle, Iíve been trying to win
  This notorious fight with the war withinÖ

The War Within by Ande' Ardnassac' Sir'rah

© Copyright 2003. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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