You Can Do Me No Good...Married Man!

by Ande'Ardnassac' Sir'rah

Don't come in my face 
If you've made a vow
  to love another
You can do me no good
  So why, you think 
I would bother
  I want to be number one 
    and second to none
So since you're taking 
  I'm quite sure 
Your wifey's feeling the same
  You don't even know my name 
But you wanna kick some game 
  Now ain't that ashame
That's why
  You can do me no good
Married Man
  You need to grow up and 
Be a better man
  Take care of home and 
Leave us alone
  Gain wisdom from your wifey and 
Leave me alone
  Married Man
You can do me no good
  Cause if you come in my face
I'ma ask for cash
  You ain't gonna want to pay 
So don't waste your breathe and 
  Neither your time
'Cause I don't want what she has
  You kiss on me, then you kiss on her
Then you kiss on her and wanna kiss on me
  That's filthy, you're trashy, 
very nasty but I'm classy and
That's not me to wanna sleep with you
  When you're already taken
Married Man,
  You can do me no good -- is that understood
So pass me by and don't ask me why
  I don't want you, I don't want your number and 
That's no lie
  I don't need you, don't ask me why
Just keep on walking and keep on talking 
  to the next chic
  'Cause brother I won't be bothered
I ain't wit that sh-- 
  That you're trying to kick 
So stop trying my nerves 
  'Cause you'll never have the chance 
To romance these curves!

You Can Do Me No Good...Married Man! by Ande'Ardnassac' Sir'rah

© Copyright 2006. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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