Doris Hall

Doris Hall is a writer residing in Tuscaloosa, AL. She relates "After my divorce I decided that I had to make a choice to remain in the habit of despair, or to find a new way of life. I chose the latter. After much contemplation, I began my journey with friends who were in the same boat and I thought we could all get out of the boat and swim to shore together. However, not one of them wanted to take the trip with me, so I dived in and swam alone. Determined to find life, I made it to shore." She goes on to say "First I began my search by making right choices and taking control of my life. I became weight conscious and brought it under control. By trial and error I learned to grow my hair from above the ears to below the shoulders. Spending my money wisely, I learned to budget my budget. My spiritual life was enhanced by reading and applying the wisdom to my attitude and thought pattern. All these attributes assimilated into my life transformed me, and I like what I see."

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