by Poetiq1der

I AM The Voice Of Erstwhile Nations

I Am the river of all their sorrows
because their well has now gone dry

                    I AM

                    I AM
The One who gave the world its Seed

I AM The Slave Who Broke His Chains...
...behind their backs I learned to read

I AM the sound of Children Weeping
           without Guidance

I AM Their Keeper, I AM Compassion
I AM Their Strength sent from above

I AM The Echo of Black men's protests
I AM Dark Hued, Caramel, and Tan

I AM A Scholar and not inferior...
...I AM More Than Three fifths A Man!

I AM The Sun, The Moon, The Galaxy
I AM The Dawn That Brings The Light

I AM The Eagle in all its glory
I AM The Thought That Takes To Flight

I AM Maya, Brooks, and And Sanchez
I AM The Spark To touch The Fuse

I AM The "Dream"  That's Reached Fruition
I AM Woodson, Shabazz, and Hughes

I AM Words That Are Not Yet Spoken
I AM All The Writers Who Go Unheard

I AM Their Spirit, I AM Fulfillment...
...I AM.... A Mixture Of Conscious  Stirred

I AM by Poetiq1der

© Copyright 2002. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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