Poetiq1der is a Poet/Writer/Performer in and around the New York City area. He composes Poetry to effect even the smallest of change in his sojourn through this life. He has been composing Poetry/Prose and Short stories for 27 or 28 years without being discovered. He is a lover of Academia and Positive themed things. He is a graduate of the New York Theological Seminary's Certificate in Ministry and Human Services Program in 2001. He is seeking to complete his Associate's Degree in Liberal Arts and Social Science.

He has appeared as a Poet/Writer on several Cable T.V. shows, among them are Chris Music Concepts, The Abu AQ Abu show, Dave's Crib and The GFN Entertainment Show. He had the honor and privilege to appear in the Earl Dax production of Weimar New York in 2007. He states, "I'm hoping after all these years on my grind that I'll be discovered for the gifted Poet/Story composer that I am."

You can contact Mr. Simmons via e-mail at DonPoetiq4ever@yahoo.com or by sending an e-mail to TimBookTu and it will be forwarded.

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A Murder Of Crows

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