Your Eyes Tell the Story

by Deja' Rae

Your eyes tell the story of how you became a man,
It wasn't through sex or drugs, but through precious God's plan.
You were born Will and Pearl's son but never knew your dad,
Pearl made up for that, using all that she had.

Your eyes tell the story of how she taught you about the man,
Who wanted to be there for you so you could understand,
How to get through life and be a shinning star
And take pride in the knowledge of just who you are.

Your eyes tell the story of how God took Will by the hand
And settled him peacefully into his Holy Land.
But lurking around the corner
Was a strong and determined woman
Who made a holy vow
To make you strong and proud.

Your eyes tell the story of how Will's spirit was always there,
Working with God and taking you into their precious care.
Your eyes tell the story of how you progressed through life,
Through them I can see how Pearl kept you away from strife.
She nourished you with sustenance for the body and the soul,
And kept you away from harm with a strong and loving hold.

Your eyes tell the story of how those lessons came through,
As the white woman clutched her bag when her frighten eyes looked at you.
You calmed yourself and said to her physical accusations,
Never will I surrender my self-respect and feel humiliation.

Your eyes tell the story of how your life has gone,
Not all wine and roses but Ohh… what great happiness you have known.
Just the fact that Pearl taught you how to truly understand,
That you're not just black, white or Will's son but a God fearing MAN.

Your eyes tell the story, I can tell by the way you look at me,
They dance through my soul to the rhythm of my heartbeat,
And that's where I've placed you, so safely tucked away.
And I thank God, Will and Pearl for guiding you each day.

Now as I watch you mold and love our son
The way God, Will and Pearl did after you were born
I bask in the happiness of being your wife
And I look forward to our blessed and beautiful life
For your eyes tell the story
Of how you found the Glory.

Your Eyes Tell the Story by Deja' Rae

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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