A Sistah's Trip Through An Airport

by Deja' Rae

When I stepped off the plane I was feeling pretty fine,
My vacation with my girlís had been a hell of a time.
I picked up my cell to tell my man I was halfway there,
Then noticed a couple of stares, I frowned and just said... yeah.
Are they looking at me cuz of what I got on?
I looked down at myself and thought... there ainít nothing wrong.
Could it be my long braidís that fall down my back,
Hell no I told myself, it couldnít be that.
Oh... itís my tropical colored dress blending in with my fair skin,
Dressing this colorful... is it some kind of sin?
Maybe Iím being paranoid, seeing whatís not there,
But when I turned around, there it was... the same stares.
I remembered what happened with Diana Ross,
I wanted to shout hey... hey... I ainít THE BOSS!
When I turned again; they were still following me,
I told myself; this shit is getting too hard to believe.

The walk to the next gate was like walking off a plank,
I was wondering how much longer I had, before they started pulling rank.
When I got to the gate, I pulled my ticket out of my purse,
Then turned to the side and noticed the stares were getting worse.
Ok I told myself; Iíll just sit my butt down,
And prepare myself for these two unbelievable clowns!
When I looked up again they had simply gone poof!
I was like... damn! What they do fly through the roof?
A half hour went by and they were still gone,
I felt relieved by then... thank goodness theyíd left me alone.
Finally, the lady at the gate announced it was time to go,
I picked up my bag, got in line and headed for the door.
All of a sudden, a hand tapped me on my shoulder,
I turned looking baffled and said to myself... I thought this crap was over.
It was a sistah and a white man holding their badge
It was shinning in my face, at this point I was damn mad.
Iím like what... what... what did I do?
Everyone in line was staring at me, I felt like a fool?
The sistah asked where are you coming from?
I said San Francisco, what in the hell is wrong?
She was like... were you there to visit some friends?
Iím like... why in the hell do you wanna know where Iíve been?
I finally relented and said, I've been on vacation,
She looked at me accusingly; the witch was trying my freaking patience.
She asked did anyone ask you to bring anything back?
I thought to myself, they're not touching me,
but I feel as if I'm getting jacked!
The white guy cut in smiled and said we just want to see some ID,
I looked all around, then back to them and asked... why me?
I think itís kinda strange you wanna see mine, 
Seeing how Iím the only black person standing in line.
No, no the sistah said thereís nothing wrong; thereís no dilemma, 
Then why you hassling me, I asked as if I were a criminal, 
All I did was get off a plane and walk to the next gate,
I canít believe this crap for goodness sake.
My voice was getting loud; I was embarrassed, stunned and pissed,
Iím a wife, mother and daughter standing here getting dissed
For apparently being black and riding on an airplane,
I shook my head and said this crap is too damn lame.
I thought about it a second longer then pulled out my ID,
I just wanted to go home and see all my babies.
I went into my purse, snatched my ID and thrust it into their face,
I was feeling full of loathe and wishing I had a can of mace.
The sistah didnít miss my anger, so she backed back and nodded ok,
I cut my eyes at them both, and said have a good freaking day.
When I looked up again everyone was still staring at me
As if I were a drug dealer or something, I was so angry I could hardly see.
I walked up to the desk to show them my ticket,
They said Iím sorry Miss; we donít anywhere for you to sit.
I made reservations six months ago I yelled, what do you mean?
What the hell? I thought; this has got to be a dream.
The woman finally said, we can get you on a later flight,
But it wonít be until eight oíclock tonight.
I pointed at her and said, you better get this mess fixed,
I donít care if I have to sit in the damn cockpit.
A few minutes later, they told me a passenger didnít show,
I snatched my ticket, picked up my bag and walked through the door.
When I boarded the plane, it was just like dejaí vu,
the stares were there again,
Stunned eyes looking surprised as sin.
I quickly realized they had all branded me guilty because I was black,
I sat down, shook my head and thought this shit is whack.

A Sistah's Trip Through An Airport by Deja' Rae

© Copyright 2001. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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