Erotic Daydream

by Deja' Rae

At first I was afraid of what I was feeling
But now I take it as a way of me dealing
With my ravenous appetite
And daydreams of me taking a bite
Of your delicious lips so sweet and smooth
Locking with mine making me drool
Like a dog lusting after a bone
Then I devour you and take you home
To my room of 1000 fantasies
And for 24 hours I'll aim to I please.
Welcome my strong and yet gentle lover
In my dreams there is no other.
Help me to release the tension building inside
A tension that I can no longer hide
Because all I see are visions of you
Holding me… stroking me… making me do
Things that make my senses leave
Things that somehow make me plead
For more of your raw and eager passion
I embrace it and start to fashion
It to meet what I'm feeling
Then together our bodies become willing
To soar as high as the tallest mountain
And experience soft drips of rain like a fountain
Spraying mist all over our glistening flesh
Leaving us entirely too spent to dress
And come back to reality…
Thus ending my session with you in my dreams.
But that's alright… because you come everyday
And I freely welcome you to my place
Of complete serenity
Bonjour mon amie, My Erotic Daydream.

Erotic Daydream by Deja' Rae

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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