Don't Call Me A Single Mom

(Because No Male Is Present...)

by Deja' Rae

Yes… My child and I live alone,
And have carved out of these walls a beautiful home,
With enough love to last 100 lifetimes,
My child will never have to seek or find
Out why it was just the two of us
Making it happen and leaving a dust
Trial of triumphs and heartaches every day,
And rolling with the punches be that what they may.
Don't call me a single mom because no male is present…

I am mother and father all rolled up into one.
Struggling each day to get the job done.
I am mommy and daddy when my child needs calm,
Easing their precious worries and cares by holding them in my arms.
Assuring them that we are not truly alone,
Because we have GOD's protection and he will never be gone
Away from our hearts
For he has always been our father from the very start.
Don't call me a single mom because no male is present…

Just like a person who has lost the ability to see,
I redirect that obstacle and empower the rest of me
To become the best parent I can be,
And have the strength of an old oak tree
Who's roots are buried down
Deep… underground
Then sprout up in resurrection
To see its branches perfection.
Don't call me a single mom because no male is present…

Call me a parent who has learned that I
Have everything that they need right now to get by
So they can grow up and become a force to be reckoned with,
And come into their own fully equipped
With the drive and determination of a wild boar
Or a foul of the air able to soar and soar and soar.

So don't label me as a single mom
That definition is entirely too vague
Label me as a PARENT driven to save
Her child from being ranked
As minus a father
Who cannot look up and see tomorrow.

Label me as a PARENT overflowing with love
That comes from our true Father hovering above
Placing that spirit needed to get us through
And embedding it in our hearts causing it to move
Inside and out for all to see
That my child can depend on a parent
With plenty of love that comes in the form of… Me.

Don't Call Me A Single Mom by Deja' Rae

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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