Digging in the Right Flavor

(A Recipe of Love)

by Deja' Rae

In the 1970's we heard Marvin Gaye,
Describe how he perceived the human race.
As I sit and reflect over 20 years later,
Has anything changed or are we digging the flavor?
Of society's diseased landfills,
Or the folk in politics and their shaky deals,
Or maybe the drug pusher's big pill
I ask you this… Is this anyway to live?

Let's dig in the flavor of…
Cleaning up our lives,
Or we'll be in for a big surprise,
When our children grow up bound and tied,
Because of the way we existed through their eyes.
And what is this about toting a gun?
Or carrying it around just for fun.
Have we taken leave of our senses?
And cowered into those sad defenses?

Let's dig in the flavor…
Of loving each other,
Our fun should consist of helping one another,
Building a world filled with love and pride,
Let's team up with God who is always on our side.

Remember way… way… way... back in the day
When we didn't have much, but we kept the faith?
Because we truly understood the meaning of love,
And was willing to help each other inspite of…
 Marvin said it many times that we've ALL got to come together.
Now ask yourselves did we listen? Did we listen ever?

When something is different and we don't understand,
Is it right for us to condemn a man?
It shouldn't matter the color of his face,
We're all living in the human race,
That was perfectly created by God above,
With a commandment to us to spread much love.

Let's do it now while we are able,
Let's spread our love across the table,
Then join our hands together, neighbor to neighbor,
To help each other dig in the right flavor.

Digging in the Right Flavor by Deja' Rae

© Copyright 1999. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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