Words for the Silent

by Deidre Da Silva

Curiously observing misguidance

I peer at the girl in the T Mobile store on 22. 
the one whose eyebrows and eye makeup
are airbrushed fabulous 
the one whose tough wooly hair 
is being strangled by bone straight extensions 
& whose intense dark brown eyez are clouded blue

she doesn't understand having this
crooked idea of beauty in her head she
doesn't understand that who she is is

sometimez i lose my wordz
for you with nothing to say
sometimez i get fuhpazzled & i lose my words 
i misplace them underneath my angst 
or leave them in the controlled spaces in the bottom of my heart 
sometimez i try to 
tell them to talk/to
speak/ about the maniacal fire in my brotherz eyez 
about the pinky purplish 
placenta falling
from my Dominican sisterz lips somtimez i get
fuhpazzled and i lose my wordz	sometimz i lose	myself

When wordz fail me
I choose spicy cinnamon hues to
represent soulful spiritual cries on the virginal white canvas my
brown fingers give birth to extraordinary euphemisms
splashing speckles of my essence everywhere.

Words for the Silent by Deidre Da Silva

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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