for my brother

by Deidre Da Silva

Brotha with the light eyez 
Shieldz his face His fortune from the world 
He must protect his face/his fortune/from this world 
Pulls on black nylon ski mask tough fierce 
nah. juss Scary, huge, larger than life, in your face machisimo 
#36 in the black jersey, hooded head, ski mask 
#36 frightenz white America 
makes all the people on the train
want to lower their eyez & stare at the same time


if only they could see what I see when I see
the thick dark lashes stretching towards 
towards the singin' angels	lashes
protectin' the shine the light radiatin' 
from those brown brown brown brown eyes
the brown that doesn't match my mothers
                        	or my fathers
the brown whose twin is deceased the brown
of which there exists only this pair
this original

if they/these women 
these white women with Tiffany's rings and pasty Mac makeup 
could hear your laugh bounce across the room 
or watch your smile break the stoic mold 
of that sunset
browned face 
if they could chat with you 
shoot tha shit wit chu 
Listen to 
your curious silences filled with O, so many wordz 

they would know.

#36 by Deidre Da Silva

© Copyright 2004. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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