by Fredrick Cooper

This is a section of love, power, passion and pain...Writings of the lonely man...

Let us start with WORK ONE,

Have you ever been seated at your desk late at night; wanting, yearning, like I am right now?? Thatís how I feel right now, lustiní as I taste the sweetness of my unknown Queenís nectar in my mind.

Sometimes the thought of being inside her, sharing every ounce of my undying torrent of love for her gives me such a rush that control leaves me in public places. Shivers of pleasure scale my spine when I envision her imploring me to tease her, please her and appease her. Yeah, I become the lover she wants, the one she seeks, but only to you, my unknown princess, for you have the potential to bring me to heights I could never experience with another.

The desire reaches a zenith of sorts in the bedroom. Something flows through me once you close the door, an uncontrolled transformation resulting in a confidence still under construction in other aspects of my life coming to surface. Seeing the metamorphosis, it arouses you, whoever you are. Just my touch sends tingles. I know. I feel your excitement.

Iím sorry, Honey - Can I call you that? Does it taste like that? I live to be the most exhilarating lover you ever experienced. Youíve confessed fantasies; letís turn them to realities. I yearn for the collision of two dripping, passionate masses. With you, Iíll master the art of making love, because of the amour, my dear. You want it tender? Iíll give you that. Swing from the chandeliers in a swift fury? No problem. In circles, changing speeds and positions? Yes, us good guys do that as well. Doggie, S& amp;M, Playful abduction?? Because of my love for you, my soul mate, these things come to the fore.

So itís unhealthy to take a drink, huh? But my dear, the rivers of love sent my way increases my motivation for your gratification. I donít want to stop you to stop enjoying yourself, for I wonít enjoy myself. The mere thought of my queen pounding my arms because of lack of control reveals things her mouth wonít say. Damn, Iím enjoying you, my precious. Havenít you ever encountered a man whoíll completely dominate you physically, yet tenderly, simultaneously? One that will tease, lick every crevice of yo ur canyon with a loving tongue, then insert a bridge craving only your sweetness? One thatíll do any and everything to please you? Love, my Queen thatís what itís all about.

But weíre not in that node, sugar, for this is one of passion, lust and desire. The musky aroma of your nest arouses me this particular evening, so I feel compelled to sample a special treat, first lubricating it with some of me, then teasing your flaming gouge with my tongue; as per your request of course. I want it sugar, the liquid that muffles my utterance. I need it, darling. As your thighs clamp around my face, a familiar beverage fills my nostrils, causing instant and complete arousal. Thought we were done, huh?

Stop rubbiní it - allow me... No, not with my mouth this time. With something else harder and bigger... You like that, baby?? Damn, I hope so. Mmmm, so good... Mmmm, so deep. As we both glide into pleasures that before our introductions we never knew existed, the ride that commenced slow and savory has become swift and hard; again as per your request. The sensations now unbearable, we approach a plateau, a point of absolute satisfaction, when all else becomes moot. Back to Dialogue: Weíre there, baby... Címon... Címon...Thatís my girl... Iím there baby, Iím there... The rush that encompasses me as the simultaneous paroxysm of delight and ecstasy is engulfing, causing me to scream as our bodies tremble and become limp, in awe of this heavenly union of love.

Love, I see itís found its way back into this flow. yeah I do love you, my queen. Wherever you are.



Gee, itís hot in here. Alone again, after hours, another hard day at work reaching itís conclusion. Wishing, hoping, yearning to come home to anything but an empty home and heart. Turning on my CD player, Tevinís song fills the air. FOR YOUR LOVE, I would do most anything. He sings the tune with such maturity.

FOR YOUR LOVE, the sweetest melody Iíd sing... Damn. Those words, so apt for what I feel right now; what I feel for you right now, wherever you are. Just your touch sends rivulets of sensation running amuck. Then our bodies meet, causing a warm invasion to my soul and affection flowing through my veins.

Locking the bedroom door, you turn to me and notice a demeanor change, the insecure sometimes bashful person transformed into a hungry panther, ready to pounce and devour. Approaching you in bed, the doe-shaped eyes you possess become slit-like, in anticipation of an enormous outpouring of love and affection. Youíre in a trance, high off the thought of passion with a certain, special someone.

I am hungry, famished for affection, so I take the initiative this evening and capture your lips with a moist kiss - not to your actual petals, but somewhere else, much lower. My affectionate tongue causes you, my queen, to wiggle, then tremor and thrash. Juices from your fountain flow freely, letting me know youíve enjoyed phase one of our harmony.

As I mount you, I wonder if Iíll satisfy you and if youíve had better. Sudden contempt sets in and upon entry It is revealed that my queen, though seasoned, has never encountered to combination of raw uninhibitedness and love; never simultaneously. How do I know, you ask? The answer is in her reactions.

Locking eyes as well as soul and bodies, I dance slowly. You follow. As my tempo increases and primitive strokes become deeper with urgency, the nails of my queen rake, then pound the small of my back. Not believing my performance exceeds prior advertising and boasts, the ripples of pleasure ravage you, causing tremor and you to speak in voices unfamiliar.

Minutes turn to hours and still we dance. My goodness, my queen brings the best from me, as well as other things. Finally succumbing to intimate mortality, we collapse into waiting arms, but not before sharing these three words: I LOVE YOU.

For Your Love, my Nubian unknown, I would do most anything. Are you sure youíre ready ???


WORK THREE: SO MUCH TO GIVE... (Inspired by Barry Whiteís "Iíve Got So Much to Give...)

Gosh, Barryís on again. Doiní it to me again...I got so much to give is on this night...Yet my home is barren, in need of the right companion. And my heart remains lonely. My soul aches sometimes, hoping my queen surfaces for even a night, so that she can feel the strength of me holding on tight..... Yes, I got so much to give on this night...But my home is barren, in need of the right companion.

I long for you, my dear, to appear from the ashes and save my tomorrow from eternal desolation, unwanted seclusion, continuous isolation. I yearn for someone to share dreams our ancestors dreamed, visions of strong, solid black love. The only love.... I need the infectious spirit of you, so I can grow to the very king you desire and seek. Itís gonna take a lifetime, gonna take years. Yes, Barry, I got so much to give... But my home is barren, in need of the right companion.

Let Love Flow. Donít Be Afraid, Barry says. I won't be for you my love, for you provide power I never knew existed. Passion as well, as just a slight graze of your softness arouses me. God, donít kiss me bye for work. The taste of your petals lingers through the long day, the perfect incentive to hurry home to the moist, tasty warmness you provide at night. Yes both tongues miss you; the hypnotic object between passionate lips, as well as the aroused, swollen one below. Yes, the pleasures of amour trans end the cerebral and emotional, for harmony there brings us to the ultimate, the physical. Yes Barry, I got so, so much to give...But my home is barren, in need of a suitable companion.

Barry says once you find the real thing, somehow you know. I believe this with all my heart, as something awaits me thatíll be timeless, priceless, worth more than all ransoms. Itíll make me holler, shout, sing; declare boldly the joy running through once dormant veins. But for now, loneliness and hope have my heart captive, fighting through eighteen years of pain.

Tomorrow, my Nubian soul mate may surface and weíll share dreams of queens and kings. Sheíll have everything right here, adoration and affection in store, eternal devotion for sure. Yes Barry, I got so much to give. But for now, my home remains barren, hoping, praying for the right companion.

Musings by Fredrick Cooper

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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