Gotta Keep Moving...Part II

by Fredrick Cooper

Friday, September 14, 2001.

They say rain is healing...I sure hope so, for we sorely need it here in New York...Our Big Apple has a chunk of it missing.

Playing their melodies in horrific harmony to achieve a predictable effect, Murder, Mayhem and Madness have completed their symphony of Terror. Millions watched speechless, as a chorus of sirens and screams sang like some awful chorus. Not only in financially powerful districts (WTC-New York City), but our military hearts (Pentagon - Washington) and rural souls as well (PA). Bulls eyes adorned every American target as fear has rooted us all. We wondered if upon dawn's awakening, our skylines, and most importantly, OUR Hearts would be altered once more.

Gotta Keep Moving, I told myself through these days...Tough people live in this land... Seeing those taking time out to care and share in spite of it all has fortified me... Sure the phone rings here as normalcy, or a semblance of it, returns will be annoying for sure, but in the work provided, I find a cure... Gotta Keep Moving...Tough People live in this tough land...

Tough People live here...That's what I said as I walked downtown via 7th Avenue and saw the Puerto Rican Search Team headed to the gloom that awaited their findings downtown. That's what I said as I saw the many picture of love ones on the news, hoping for miracles...Tough People live in this land.

That's what I'll tell myself tomorrow. Was supposed to talk about a novel I wrote in DC. Before this, I wanna heal with First Sunday's Book Club and maybe, with sharing some of my New York Story (it pales in comparision to others.) Help them cope with what they've seen down there. All part of the process, I tell myself. Gotta Keep Moving...

Though terrible sadness and quiet anger grip my soul, I realize the lives of many have changed forever, compliments of four wayward airplanes...But we all must Keep moving...Though not safe as before, not as powerful, we realize what we buy and build hardly defines us anymore. From this day forward, maybe hearts strengthened with resolve and resilence will. We Gotta Keep Moving people...Tough People live in this tough land of ours.

Gotta Keep Moving...Part II by Fredrick Cooper

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