The Garden Of Love...

by Fredrick Cooper

You wanna know my feelings right now? They are of lust, of hunger, of fire. My lady unearthed passions hibernated in a soul longing to display affections, both mental and carnal. Now brought to fore, a question surfaces: Can I share them???

Entering my garden, desire runs through you while strolling. Passing by handcuffs, intuition tells you Iím not in possessive mode; you wouldnít have passed them if this was such. You wanna lose control while breezing by bronze statues simulating us making love, however restraint prevails over fantasy for the moment; You havenít found me yet. Fountains of me aching while uncovering a pearl between moist, tasty thighs with my tongue causes you to pant heavily while continuing your passionate game of hide-and-seek. "Where is he?", you ask yourself while strolling onto an open grass field. Feeling a sudden tap, you turn and fall into welcome arms.

Craving for the heat emanating from your erotic awakening, I part the rim of your face with a probing tongue. Starving to reciprocate, with reckless abandon you latch on, giving no quarter while soft, gentle hands begin stroking the rising nature between my legs. Descending onto the spacious meadow, I want to explore, so my fingers tickle the furnace between your sculpted stems of beauty. Excited from eager reception, your soft mewling indicates a need for something entrancing and enchanting; teasing and pleasing. Wanting, needing to quench a certain thirst with the dew that flows from your honey, I press my mouth to your secret place. The staccato flittering of my oral creature causes you to wither and whimper with pleasure, sending ripples of ecstasy through a trembling frame boiled over.

Baby, just seeing you search for me in this garden raised my temperature as I unleashed erotic demons laying in bondage for so long. Now as my tongue glides in and out of a succulent treasure of passion, you stiffen, shudder, then experience the satisfaction of an intimate apex. Meeting your face with a loving peck once more, a soft index finger pressed against your lips indicates more is in store.

Rising from a lawn singed from the heat generated by our union, we embrace, then fall into a heated kiss. Stroking the hair from your face tenderly then commencing with anatomical exploring, seductive pecks across swollen, sensitive nipples send desires cascading through you as I feel the tremors and throes of a woman aroused.

Sudden aggression engulfs you as we return to the warm pasture. Snapping your fingers, you capture the magic that inhabits my garden as a thin, gold waistlet adorns your foreplay dampened body. "Anything goes in your garden," you announce while straddling my protrusion. Rockiní and ridiní to a dance all your own, you sink deeper onto my manhood. Mmmmm, this feels too good. As the sun captures the beauty of salty, crystal droplets upon the frame of a Queen at work, a swift decision has been reached on my behalf. "Youíve done enough, Baby," I say.

Groaning softly as I turn you over, you bring your legs to my shoulders as we reprise our exclusive garden dance. Plunging deeper and deeper into your soaked womanhood, I change the tempo fluidly, causing shrieks, shrills and squeals of delight. Sweat falling from my mass to the exotic green lawn, you climax once more, this time causing the grass underneath to shimmer and sigh in comprehension of your gratification.

Feeling the grumbling of contentment from a fully comforted woman initiates the release of a King eager to please. Even through the protective instrument, you feel warm, electric spurts from body tensed with pleasure. Finally conceding our humanity, we collapse and cuddle lovingly, enjoying the rapture of fantasy as we sleep in each others arms.

The Garden Of Love... by Fredrick Cooper

© Copyright 2000. All rights reserved. No portion of this work may be duplicated or copied without the expressed written consent of the author.

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