Zeros and Ones

by Darrell Collins

If we read the language of zeros and ones.

We could plot distance far, beyond the sun.

Each binary digit, which only means two.

Is what the Mayans and Aztecs already knew.

An infinite amount of stuff can be represented.

Each cell of matter is tied all up in it.

It's the one and two.  The Alpha and Omega.

The stuff that'll make true drama hate ‘ya.

Using zeros and ones explains all religions.

God came from the sky “smiting” with precision.

He probably uses the theory of zeros and ones.

Far more advanced than our standard handguns.

So, when the shit hits the fan, where'll you be?

Knowing the language, or hiding under a tree?

Zeros and ones is how we'll communicate.

Through a language known throughout space.

Zeros and Ones by Darrell Collins

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