While We Were Sleeping

by Darrell Collins

 While we were sleeping, a Master Plan was put in place.
A map was drawn through the country that only benefits red states.
If we build the Keystone Pipeline it will help a certain few.
Tea-Partier kind of people, and none like me and you.
It can't  be good for America if it's not shared coast-to-coast.
Because, we all must be involved, to let 'em know what matters most.
There are coincidences and questions on exactly where the pipeline ends.
Like, at the door of Haliburton, in the Port of Houston.

Once it gets to port, it is immediately shipped offshore.
Just like their bank accounts in Hong Kong and Singapore.
While we were sleeping, Canada pulled a "Gangsta" move.
America is being told "you just do what I tell you to."
We should have questions, like who stands to gain?
And, we shouldn't be surprised when we find its Halliburton.
If we were to wonder if Halliburton and TransCanada are in bed?
Military Contractors (Halliburton) just might pay a visit, instead.

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While We Were Sleeping by Darrell Collins

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